By using a single google account, You can do lots of thing and one of them is Cloud Storage service by Google named Google Drive. Drive is an online file storage and synchronization system where you can save your files, photos, videos, documents and many other thing.

So lets start learning about Google Drive…

What we cover in our post-

  • History of Google Drive.
  • How to use Google Drive.
  • Google Drive in Desktop PC and Mobile.
  • Conclusion

Google Drive History

As we know Google Drive is a File Storage and Synchronization service by Google which was launched on 24 – April – 2012. It Completes it’s 1 Billion users within 6 years. Drive developed by using Python and Objective-c Language. Google Drive offers every users 15gb free storage. Google also offered more storage like -100gb, 200gb, 2 terabyte but those are paid options.

How to use Google Drive

It’s as simple as that, Managing and using Google Drive is very simple you just need one Gmail Account ( Google Account) after that you have to sign in into the Google Drive Official website here you got two options first one is for Personal Account and other one is for Business Account.

When you login with your google account, you browser take away you to your Drive home screen.

here you can upload your data, manage your data and as well as you can share it with anyone you want. Security features also available here.

Google Drive in Desktop PC and Mobile.

Yes, you can run Google drive on you PC and as well as your mobile. Lets know how you can do it.

Desktop PC

here is a link to download drive for Desktop.

After you download it you will get Setup file, Install it on your PC. After finishing installing Google drive option add on the left part of your File Explorer like this-

Now you can save all you data in that folder and it automatic sync on google server whenever you go online.

Google Drive on Mobile

Google Drive application available on play store and apple store also.

after downloading Drive app you easily use and backup your data online on google servers.


By now creating and maintaining our data with google drive become easy. Best in class service for file storage and synchronization and off course 15gb free data is enough for a normal user to save their data. Google is a trust-able brand so you won’t have any issue to use its features and applications.

By Vishal Dhiman

Content crafter, Digital Marketer and also an Ethical Hacker. Love to write technical stuff and sharing knowledge.

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