Want to learn about Arduino?Read it…

Hello everyone, I am thinking from last few days that I should give recommended knowledge about Arduino Board. So, I write this blog post for all of you who want to learn about Arduino. I hope you are doing great. So, lets get ready to learn all about Arduino. You can also learn for arduino projects, arduino college projects, school projects etc. Here is a link to download arduino- https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software

From last few Year Arduino become more popular in Schools, College and also in a groups of tech enthusiast coz it has a capability to do lots of stuff by using some programming codes.

So Basically, Arduino is development board by Arduino.cc we can also call it a microcontroller board. It has an Atmega328 microcontroller on it. Arduino Uno is a cheap board that has a capability to control electronic devices like – Displays, Servo Motor, Sensors etc. In short, we can say Arduino can made devices that can react and respond to us so we can also say that Arduino is the brain of any project just like- our brain controls our body same Arduino control whole project.

Different Types of Arduino

there are different types of Arduino board according to their form factor and functionality levels. Most common Arduino boards are- Arduino Uno, Arduino nano, Arduino Mega, Arduino Lilypad etc.

                  Arduino Uno
                  Arduino Nano
                  Arduino Mega

                         Arduino Lilypad

It is an open-source platform, means the boards and software are readily available and anyone can modify and optimize the boards for better functionality. The software used for Arduino devices is called IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is free to use and available on Arduino official website and required some basic programming skills to learn it.

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